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About Us

The roots of Nutra Services as a company caring for others are deep. In 1978 President, Fred Timman, founded United Purchasing Systems, which became one of the major purchasing groups in Ontario for Long Term Care facilities.

Fred realized that his customers wanted a more on hands approach and greater involvement in the day to day dining and nutritional service operations thus he sold United Purchasing Systems and in 1981 founded Nutra Services Inc.

In today’s highly regulated environment more and more retirement and nursing homes are realizing the benefits of having an expert operate the dining and nutritional services allowing the home staff to focus on resident care.

Nutra Services has grown over the years to become a leading provider of nutritional services to the retirement and nursing home industry.

Today excellence in nutritional services, health and safety, safe food handling and sustainability practices are the hallmarks of Nutra Services.
In 2011 Fred and Nutra Services Inc. joined the Brown’s Food Services organization to create the largest privately owned dining and nutritional services company in Canada.

This next step in the growth and evolution of Nutra Services will provide a platform for growth and innovation allowing Nutra Services to maintain a leadership role in the industry.