Healthy Attitude

Our healthy attitude starts with fresh ideas, fresh ingredients, and fresh ways to show you our love of food.

We treat meal times as social events and our food is the main attraction! We offer monthly themed meals that feature foods and cultures from around the world and close to home.

Nutrition and health promotion is key to helping your residents make healthy decisions each day. We use a variety of methods such as promotions, educational posters and newsletters.

Fresh Attitude

Our healthy lifestyle newsletter includes tips, tricks, and motivators to get you moving more and eating healthier!

We supply each of our locations with promotional material to promote healthy specials and healthy choices.

We work with a network of Registered Dietitians to help us create menus that follow government standards as well as your personal tastes and preferences.

Click here to view the Nutrition 2015 edition of the Nutra Services Fresh Attitude Newsletter and Posters.