Retirement Dining

Our People are what set us apart.

Luxurious rooms, state of the art Athletic Centers, Espresso Bars, Cafés, Spa and Concierge Services are all great amenities of modern retirement living. However, one of the most important selling features for any level of retirement home is a true commitment to providing quality dining and customer service.

Nutra Services prides itself on being a Chef based organization. Our Chefs and their team of culinary professionals prepare dishes that not only meet the cultural diversity and individual needs of your residents but are also created to surpass expectations of those with the most discriminating palette.

Our frontline staff that serve the residents, family members and guests every day, are friendly, engaging and truly love what they do and it shows!

As the retirement industry changes so do we. However in doing so, we maintain strict compliance with the Retirement Home Regulatory Authority in accordance with the Retirement Homes Act at all times.

Qualified, Efficient and Passionate.

  • Qualified, friendly and engaging staff that takes pride in what they do and treat residents like family
  • Highly efficient team players that treat your business as though it were their own
  • Our Chefs and their team of culinary professionals put love and passion into each and every dish.

The Nutra Services team understands with confidence, the complexities associated in preparing culturally diverse meals and as a result – customized our menus to reflect truly authentic Italian dishes.