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Retirement Dining

The happiness of the people we support is our #1 priority!

Our People are what set us apart.
Luxurious rooms, state of the art Athletic Centers, Espresso Bars, Cafés, Spa and Concierge Services are all great amenities of modern retirement living. However, one of the most important selling features for any level of retirement home is a true commitment to providing superb dining and customer service.

Nutra Services prides itself on being a Chef based organization. Our Chefs and their team of culinary professionals prepare dishes that speak to the  cultural diversity and individual needs of your residents. Our Chefs take pride in  surpassing all resident expectations; even those with the most discriminating palette.

Our frontline team members,  that serve the residents, family members and guests every day, are friendly, engaging. You will see that they truly love what they do!

As the retirement industry changes so do we while maintaining strict compliance with the Retirement Home Regulatory Authority in accordance with the Retirement Homes Act.

Qualified, Efficient and Passionate:
Our teams are comprised of qualified, friendly, and engaging members that take pride in what they do and treat residents like family. They are trained to  treat your business as though it were their own. Our Chefs and their team of culinary professionals put love and passion into every dish. The Nutra Services team understands  the complexities associated with preparing culturally diverse meals and as a result customize our menus to reflect your specific palette.

Long-Term Care

We care for the people we support
We provide balanced meals that are nutritious

Our Approach to Fostering Successful, Long-term Relationships
In today’s ever-changing health care environment more and more Long-Term Care homes are realizing the benefits of having experts operate the dietary and nutritional services. With a focus on providing food and labour cost savings, ensuring MOLTC compliance and increasing resident satisfaction by preparing more “home style” meals.

Reducing the Risk of MOLTC Non-compliance!
Nutra Services has  an exceptional track record of MOLTC compliance through the implementation of our pre-audit technology. Having Nutra Services take care of all your dietary and nutritional needs will allow you to focus on your core business. Nutra Services ensures that our teams are, at a minimum, qualified within Ministry Standards ensure that all Policies and Procedures, Food, Health and Safety protocols are strictly adhered to every day.


Our kitchen designs

Let Nutra Services design or re-design your dining area

Our team is trained to help you prepare a plan for any type of facility that includes:
-Physical layout and interior design
-Equipment specifications and procurement
-Project management

Nutra Services offers designs you can count on:
-Improved flow
-Improved speed of service
-Additional points of service for an expanded menu capability
-A focus on sustainable energy practices to reduce operating costs

We have the expertise to fine-tune your operations with some simple reassessing and tweaking. In some cases, a complete facility redevelopment is required, and we have the expertise to make the project a success, on budget and on time.

Nutra Services can also finance your design requirements to help fast track a process to success.