Why Choose Nutra Services?

Great Food!
Providing nutritious meals is a joy for us and that is why we have been doing that for over 30 years. Our focus on menu and nutrition is paramount to our success with our residents and our clients. We let you focus on care by taking care of the dining and nutritional needs of your residents. We customize our menus to your needs yet maintain an onsite flexibility to respond to special food, ethnic or religious selections or special events.

We always consider different dietary needs and tastes, likes, dislikes, and your budget. Our menu planning is a dynamic process that evolves with your changing needs.

Dedicated People
It is all about people! We start with a dedicated Nutrition Manager/Chef Manager that is empowered to make customer driven decisions on the spot. No red tape gets in the way of responding to your needs. We surround our leader with enthusiastic team members  who have great attitudes and understand that we are there to serve.

People are our  key priority to ensure that you are served by a happy team. Safety, safe food, and handling practices are our key priority to ensure the success of your organization.

True Value
Nutra Services provides customized management services. We avoid “management by binder” and believe that the key to success starts with a truthful and transparent approach to all aspects of the business; especially when is comes to your budgets

We clearly understand the critical role of dining and nutritional services in this environment. We realize that keeping residents happy, content, and nourished is necessary for your success and sustainability as an organization. We also understand the role that  the contentment of families and friends plays in your success. We are  your partner in financial success and treat your finances as though they were our own.

Systems & IT
We use the latest in control technologies to deliver menus, supporting nutritional information, product and labour control mechanisms to ensure that your budgets are met on a daily basis. All are web based and secure yet easily accessible for sharing information with you.

We love our communities, and it shows. Wherever we operate we try to get involved in the local community to be a good community partner. Whether that is buying local, hiring local or participating in a local event or cause we are always open to working with you to that end.

We Are Just the Right Size
Our flat organizational structure and on-site leadership means that you get instant decisions with no need for our team to “call head office” for approvals. If you have a compliment or concern though you can call our CEO, Phillip Brown, directly. He answers his own phone and would love to hear from you. Go ahead, give him a call at 613-548-8391 ext. 220